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8 Old Things in Your Home That Are Actually Worth Money Now

It’s always surprising to see what sort of collectibles appreciate over time. Sure, anything with a celebrity connection or historical importance will command a bundle, but you’d be surprised at the more average-seeming “collectibles” that have a value that goes beyond sentimental. Here are just a few of these everyday…

Dad Attempts To Copy Daughter’s Gymnastic’s Moves, But His Hilarious Fails Will Have You Cracking Up!

Dad and daughter duo, Ash and Alexa, spend their days “flipping out” together. Alexa is a young and talented gymnast while her dad, who is young at heart, is aspiring to be the same. The trouble is, Ash doesn’t have as much agility -or youth- as his daughter. The die…


A woman named Stephanie set a hidden camera in her home to see what her husband is doing with their baby while she’s at work. As you can see in the video below, the relationship between a father and son is special. Watch the video to see some amazing moments,…

19 Shockingly Beautiful Birth Photos From 2016
You have to see these. 1.This dad who took cutting the cord into his own hands, er, mouth. 2. This refreshingly real capture. 3. This birthing that was a family affair. 4. This mom who gave birth outdoors as the sun rose behind her. 5. This tireless mom who... Read more
Powerful confessions from women who became pregnant after being raped
In  a series of very powerful confessions on , rape survivors who became pregnant by their rapists have revealed what it’s like – and what they decided to do about it .. Many of the victims, some incredibly young when the assaults occurred, opted for an abortion –... Read more
Man devastated to learn girl he raised for 18 years was stolen as a baby
A man has been left devastated after he found out  the girl he raised for 18 years was kidnapped as a baby .Charles Manigo learned that the girl he raised and believed to be his own daughter for 18 years was really another man’s child. “I named her —... Read more
That I Am Married Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Talk To Other Ladies – Foluke Daramola’s Husband Writes
Kayode Salako, husband to Nollywood actress/direcyor, Foluke Daramola, is warning anyone who keeps reproting hi to his wife for talking to other ladies. Kayode, took to social media to pen a lengthy message ti those funding wanting of this. Read his post below:   Read more
Early Morning S*x Makes You Healthier and Happier…See Details
According to Women’sHealth, for most of the working world, the blaring of the alarm clock isn’t a happy sound. So why not turn that rude awakening into an erotic opportunity with a roll in the 400-thread-count hay? After all, scientists say that people who start their days by having... Read more
Domestic Violence: Popular Tanzanian Singer Beaten To Death By Husband
A female Tanzanian artiste, Kijakazi Pazi Shaban, died last week after she was allegedly battered by her husband. The artist who was once a member of a music group called Kidedea and known by her stage name Zamzam was said to have died at her home in Musoma. Her... Read more
Mom Donates 2,307 Ounces Of brea*st Milk After Baby Dies
Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief and tragedy, and when one new mom’s newborn baby passed away at just 11 days old, she decided to donate as much of her brea*st milk as possible. “When my brea*st milk came in I was pumping a whole lot.... Read more
Woman Who Suffered 17 Miscarriages Becomes a Mother of Four in Just Nine Months (Photos)
A woman who had 17 miscarriages after being told she would never give birth has become a mother to four children – in just nine months, Dailymail reveals. The woman identified as Lytina Kaur was told she may never be able to give birth after being diagnosed with acute... Read more
Nigerian ladies Reveal crazy Things Guys do that Push them Away
Just what are the things that guys do that make women take several steps backwards, things that push them away from guys? Nigerian ladies express some of the most frustrating, annoying, and hardly-acceptable things Nigerian guys do, either consciously or unconsciously, which get them stepping away as... Read more
Woman left to cater for her 4 children after husband was killed and village burnt in Northeast Nigeria
According to The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Nigeria,(OCHA) Amina’s husband was killed and their entire village burnt by Boko Haram. The mother of four is now among thousands of vulnerable widows in North East Nigeria Read more
Best-selling children’s Author ‘Drugged and Suffocated by Fiance to get Hands on £4m Estate’
A best-selling children’s author was drugged and suffocated by her fiance who wanted to get his hands on her £4m estate, a court has heard. The body of Helen Bailey, 51, was found dumped in the cesspit beneath the garage of her £1.5m home in Royston, Hertfordshire, alongside her... Read more
Help! My Husband is Not Good in Bed and He Knows It – Woman Cries Out
I am 29, my hubby is 35 and we’ve been married for 4 years and have 2 kids. My husband is a very good man and has been so kind to me and my family. My problem is he’s not good in bed and he knows it. Earlier in... Read more
Married couple who have Been childless for 10 years welcome Quintuplets in Cross River State
A Nigerian couple welcomed quintuplets after ten years of childless marriage, at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, on Monday January 9th, the first ever in the history of the state. Recounting the experience, father of the babies, Dr Edet said: “God is never late. I have waited on... Read more
Woman Breastfeeds Her child During her Wedding Ceremony
The 22-year-old mother shared her breastfeeding son on her wedding day. “I enjoy nursing my son and I made sure when I chose my wedding dress I would be able to nurse throughout my entire night,” she said. “And I was able to. So I just want to share... Read more
Mum ‘Watched Boyfriend Rape and kill Daughter, 14, to fulfill sexual Fantasy
A mother watched her boyfriend rape her adopted teenage daughter for her sexual pleasure before killing her, according to police. Grace Packer, 14, died at the hands of Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan, who conspired to beat, rape, poison and ultimately strangle the teen, Bucks County District Attorney Matthew... Read more
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